Full Schedule of 69th Men's Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2022

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The ongoing 69th Senior National Kabaddi Championship is currently taking place in Charki Dadri Haryana from 21st July 2022 to 24th July 2022. The mega-event features the country's top men's kabaddi players representing their states or employers in the quest to earn national honors in the sport.

A total of 31 teams across India in the men's division are competing in the nation's premier inter-state competition this year, as only one team will emerge as champions of the 69th edition of the summit clash, which will take on 21st July 2022.

Group A - Indian Railways, Bihar, Odisha
Group B - Services, Delhi, Asam, Pondicherry
Group C - Rajasthan, Goa, Manipur, Vidharbh
Group D - Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Tripura, Gujarat
Group E - Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, Jammu Kashmir
Group F - Karnataka, West Bengal, Haryana, BSNL
Group G - Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Telengana, Madhya Pradesh,
Group H - Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Andra Pradesh, Punjab

The likes of Pawan Sehrawat (Indian Railways), Pardeep Narwal (Haryana), Naveen Kumar Goyat (Services), and Deepak Hooda (Rajasthan) have carried the momentum for their respective teams.

Full Schedule of 69th Men's Senior National Kabaddi Championship

Day 1 : July 21, Thursday Evening Session

Match 1: Haryana vs BSNL (Pool F)

Match 2: Indian Railway vs Orissa (Pool A)

Match 3: Services vs Assam (Pool B)

Match 4: Rajasthan vs Manipur (Pool C)

Match 5: Maharashtra vs Tripura (Pool D)

Match 6: Himachal Pradesh vs Jammu And Kashmir (Pool F)

Match 7: Uttar Pradesh vs Madhya Pradesh (Pool H)

Match 8: Chandigarh vs Punjab (Pool G)

Match 9: Delhi vs Assam (Pool B)

Match 10: Goa vs Vidarbha (Pool C)

Day 2 : July 22, Friday Morning Session

Match 11: Tamil Nadu vs Gujarat (Pool D)

Match 12: Kerala vs Jharkhand (Pool E)

Match 13: Karnataka vs BSNL (Pool F)

Match 14: Chhattisgarh vs Telangana (Pool H)

Match 15: Uttranchal vs Punjab (Pool G)

Match 16: Bihar vs Orissa (Pool A)

Match 17: Services vs Pondicherry (Pool B)

Match 18: Rajasthan vs Manipur (Pool C)

Match 19: Maharashtra vs Gujarat (Pool D)

Match 20: Himachal Pradesh vs Jharkhand (Pool E)

Day 2: July 22, Friday - Evening Session

Match 21: Karnataka vs West Bengal (Pool H)

Match 22: Uttar Pradesh vs Telangana (Pool G)

Match 23: Chandigarh vs Andhra Pradesh (Pool H)

Match 24: Delhi vs Pondicherry (Pool B)

Match 25: Goa vs Manipur (Pool C)

Match 26: Tamil Nadu vs Tripura (Pool D)

Match 27: Kerala vs Jammu and Kashmir (Pool E)

Match 28: Haryana vs West Bengal (Pool F)

Match 29: Chhattisgarh vs Madhya Pradesh (Pool G)

Match 30: Uttranchal vs Andhra Pradesh (Pool H)

Match 31: Indian Railway vs Bihar (Pool A)

Match 32: Manipur vs Vidarbha (Pool C)

Match 33: Rajasthan vs Goa (Pool C)H

Match 34: Himachal Pradesh vs Kerala (Pool E)

Day 3: July 23, Saturday Morning Session 

Match 35: BSNL vs West Bengal (Pool F)

Match 36: Madhya Pradesh vs Telangana (Pool G)

Match 37: Andhra Pradesh vs Punjab (Pool H)

Match 38: Assam vs Pondicherry (Pool B)

Match 39: Services vs Delhi (Pool B)

Match 40: Tripura vs Gujarat (Pool D)

Match 41: Maharashtra vs Tamil Nadu (Pool D)

Match 42: Jammu and Kashmir vs Jharkhand (Pool E)

Match 43: Karnataka vs Haryana (Pool F)
Match 44: : Uttar Pradesh vs Chhattisgarh (Pool G)

March 45:: Chandigarh vs Uttranchal (Pool H)

69th Men’s Senior National Kabaddi Championship 2022 Knockouts schedule
Round of 16

Winner of Pool A vs Runner-up of Pool H

Winner of Pool E vs Runner-up of Pool D

Runner-up of Pool B vs Winner of Pool G

Runner-up of Pool F vs Winner of Pool C

Winner of Pool B vs Runner-up of Pool G

Winner of Pool F vs Runner-up of Pool C

Runner-up of Pool A vs Winner of Pool H

Runner-up of Pool E vs Winner of Pool D


Winner of R16 match 1 vs Winner of R16 match 2

Winner of R16 match 3 vs Winner of R16 match 4

Winner of R16 match 5 vs Winner of R16 match 6

Winner of R16 match 7 vs Winner of R16 match 8


Winner of QF 1 vs Winner of QF 2

Winner of QF 3 vs Winner of QF 4

Senior National Kabaddi Final 2022

Winner of SF 1 vs Winner of SF 2