How The Pro Kabaddi League Is Competing The IPL In india

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The brightening and augmenting improvement in the game of Kabaddi has grown in stature since the initiation and launch of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, even though cricket maintained a grip in the country's viewership with 1.3 billion viewers in total.

The Pro Kabaddi League, since its formation and outset, has laid out a platform for some of the country’s best talents and allowed them to boost and exhibit this flair and to expedite and take it forward. Betway has provided statistical information on the same.

The game received its first global exposure during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Kabaddi was added for the first time to the Asian Games in Beijing in 1990 and won the gold medal. Following that, the game also won the next six Asian Games in Hiroshima 1994, Bangkok 1998, Busanin 2002, Doha 2006, and Guangzhou in 2010. India beat Iran in 2007 and won the Kabaddi World Championship. 

India is a country with people for whom cricket is seen as a religion. People are passionate and vehement about the game and always have been since its dawn and conception. IPL has been dominating and is hard to lose its glory in the coming years.

Recently, other sports have been gaining popularity and admiration, and people are taking an interest and are absorbed by them. Pro Kabaddi League is one of the salient and predominant tournaments. IPL has 536 million viewers, but PKL comes second in viewership with 430 million viewers in total.

The League was watched by almost three times the number of people who watched the FIFA World Cup. Film Industry, Politics, and other Businessmen have been a part of the game and have contributed to the Pro Kabaddi League’s progress, advancement, and glamour. 

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has surfaced and came out as the most-watched non-cricket sports league in India. However, the tournament was flagged off in 2014, with only having eight teams then has now evolved and developed into a game of 12 teams in just six years. 

The previous season caught sight of and witnessed a falling-off of 31 percent viewership data to 1.1 billion impressions from the 1.6 billion impressions of the fifth season. According to BARC India, PKL 7 has recorded and lodged a growth of nine percent viewership numbers and has amassed 1.2 billion impressions. 

According to the stats, Star India is to be expected to earn Rs 200 crore to Rs 230 crore from the launching of the seventh season. The broadcaster was estimated to earn almost Rs 150 crore from advertisement revenues and sponsorships of season 6, and in season 5, it has been around Rs 120 crores. 

Due to its fresh and open Indian street game style, the League is getting escalated and uplifted. It is only fair to say that the middle overs in the IPL gets monotonous and loses the interest of the people. This is not the case for Kabaddi, due to its low game time and unceasing amusement. 

It is not easy for the Pro Kabaddi League to overhaul the IPL in viewership, but it certainly will try to go in parallel with it.