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Day 4 Results: 67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship 2020, Pre-Quarter And Quarter Finals Results

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67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship 2020

Following the conclusion of the league-stage in the ongoing 67th Senior National Kabaddi Championship, the pre-quarterfinals (Round of 16) and Quarterfinals took place among teams who had named themselves for the knockouts earlier. The fixtures are getting held in the Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajashtan.

In men's Quarterfinals, Indian Railways dominated Haryana, host Rajasthan knock Maharashtra, while Services and Uttar Pradesh advanced into the semifinals.

In women's' Quarterfinals, Indian Railways gain a one sided-win against goa, Jharkhand defeated Bihar, while Haryana and Himachal Pradesh advance to the semifinals.

Pre-quarter Matches Results 5th March 2020:

Men's Pre-quarter Results

Match 1: Indian Railways defeated Chandigarh 45-35

Match 2: Haryana defeated Pondicherry 36-31

Match 3: Rajasthan defeated Kerala 53-33

Match 4: Maharashtra defeated Madhya Pradesh 53-36

Match 5: Services defeated Uttarakhand 43-14

Match 6: Karnataka defeated Himachal Pradesh 41-27

Match 7: Bihar defeated Gujarat 51-27

Match 8: Uttar Pradesh defeated Tamil Nadu 30-28

Men's Quarter Finals Results

Match 1: Indian Railways defeated Haryana 44-26

Match 2: Rajasthan defeated Maharashtra 47-34

Match 3: Services defeated Karnataka 54-23

Match 4: Uttar Pradesh defeated Bihar 39-31

67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship 2020

Women's Pre-quarter Results

Match 1: Indian Railways Women defeated Punjab Women 31-26

Match 2: Goa Women defeated Chandigarh Women 50-36

Match 3: Jharkhand Women defeated Uttar Pradesh Women 33-27

Match 4: Bihar Women defeated Odisha Women 39-10

Match 5: Haryana Women defeated Delhi Women 38-21

Match 6: Rajasthan Women defeated Andhra Pradesh Women 45-24

Match 7: Chhattisgarh Women defeated Tamil Nadu Women 34-27

Match 8: Himachal Pradesh Women defeated West Bengal Women 41-20

Women's Quarter Finals Results

Match 1: Indian Railways Women defeated Goa Women 51-21

Match 2: Jharkhand Women defeated Bihar Women 26-21

Match 3: Haryana Women defeated Rajasthan Women 40-27

Match 4: Himachal Pradesh Women defeated Chhattisgarh Women 32-20

67th Senior Nationals Kabaddi Championship 2020 Semifinals Schedule: 6th March 2020

Semifinal 1: Indian Railways Vs. Rajasthan

Semifinal 2: 
Services Vs. Uttar Pradesh

Semifinal 1: Indian Railways Vs. Jharkhand

Semifinal 2: Haryana Vs. Himachal Pradesh

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