Day 4 Results: Quarter And Semi-finals of 46th Junior Nationals Kabaddi Championship 2020

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The 46th Junior National Kabaddi Championship 2020 began on the 13th to 16th of February 2020. The fixtures are getting held in the MDU Sports Complex, Rohtak, Haryana.

Quarter Final Action:
In the Boys’ category, first quarter-final, defending champions Chandigarh defeated Haryana by 52-27 points. In the Second Quarter-Final Sports Authority of India defeated Maharashtra by 37-31 Points. Uttar Pradesh thrashed Punjab in the Third Quarter Final match by 41-22 points. In the Fourth Quarter Final, The Goa win over Himachal Pradesh by 47-40 Points.

Girls category, first quarter-final, defending champions Sports Authority India named themselves for another medal run versus Maharastra by 34-21 points. In the Second Quarter-Final, Uttar Pradesh defeated Goa by 39-14 Points. Haryana thrashed Himachal Pradesh in the Third Quarter Final match by 36-20 points. The Quarter-Final action came to an end as Chandigarh got the win by a 35-25 scoreline versus Delhi.

Semi-Finals Action:
In Boys Section, Sports Authority Of India Defeated Defending Champion Chandigarh By 40 -31 points in the first semifinal. In The Second Semifinal Uttar Pradesh Beat Goa By 40 - 16 points. Girls Section Sports Authority Of India Defeated Uttar Pradesh By 38 -19 Points in First Semi-final. and Second Semi-final Haryana thrashed Chandigarh by 70 - 20 Points.

Boys Quarter-Final:
Match 1 - Chandigarh Vs Haryana (52-27)
Match 2 - Sai Vs Maharashtra (37-31)
Match 3 - U.P.Vs Punjab (41-22)
Match 4 - Goa Vs H.P. (47-40)

Girls Quarter-Final:
Match 1 - Sai Vs Maharashtra (34-21)
Match 2 - Uttar Pradesh Vs Goa (39-14)
Match 3 - Haryana Vs H.P. (36-20)
Match 4 - Chandigarh Vs Delhi (35-25)

Boys Semifinal:
1st Semifinal - SAI Vs Chandigarh (40 - 31)
2nd Semifinal - U.P. Vs Goa (40 - 16)

Girls Semifinal:
1st Semifinal - SAI Vs U.P. (38 - 19)
2nd Semifinal -  Haryana Vs Chandigarh (70 -20)

Boys - SAI Vs Uttar Pradesh
Girls - SAI Vs Haryana

*SAI - Sports Authority OF India, MP - Madhya Pradesh, AP - Andra Pradesh, UP - Uttar Pradesh, J&K - Jammu & Kasmir, WB SU - West Bengal State Unite 

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